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ROHTO Mentholatum Water Lip Unscented 4.5G

ROHTO Mentholatum Water Lip Unscented 4.5G

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Moisture retention

Mentholatum WaterLip" moisturizes your lips with plenty of water. Formulated with super hyaluronic acid (moisturizing ingredient) and collagen (moisturizing ingredient), the product aims to keep lips fresh. It also protects lips not only from dryness but also from UV rays. (SPF20/PA++)

Mentholatum Water Lip Unscented 4.5g is a lipstick that envelops lips in a veil of moisture, leading to moisturized, plump lips. It contains super hyaluronic acid, collagen, aloe vera leaf extract, and squalane. It blends effortlessly for a comfortable feel. Fragrance free, SPF20, PA++.

ROHTO Pharmaceutical Co.

How to use

Apply to lips in 2-3 layers.