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MIKIMOTO COSMETICS Moon Pearl Cleansing Cream 120g

MIKIMOTO COSMETICS Moon Pearl Cleansing Cream 120g

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Smoothly wraps around the skin and removes it thoroughly.
Cream-type makeup remover.

Mild and rich cream quickly blends into the skin.
The creamy, rich cream quickly absorbs into the skin and removes dirt and make-up while leaving the skin moisturized.
This product is designed for both wiping off and rinsing off, making it easy to feel the smooth removal of dirt.

How to use

Take a small amount of the product on dry hands, spread it over the face, and blend well with dirt and makeup.
To wipe off, press a tissue on your face with your hand.
(1) Place the equivalent of one cherry in the palm of a dry hand.
(2) Using your fingertips, apply to five points on your face (chin tip, both cheeks, forehead, and tip of nose).
(3) Blend from inside to outside using the entire sides of your fingers.