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MIKIMOTO COSMETICS Pearl Bright Clear Moist Lotion I 150ml

MIKIMOTO COSMETICS Pearl Bright Clear Moist Lotion I 150ml

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Rich moisturizing and whitening ingredients penetrate deep into the skin. For brighter, clearer skin.
A medicated whitening lotion that inhibits melanin production and prevents sun spots and freckles caused by sun exposure.

Arbutin, an active whitening ingredient found in plants such as lycopodium and pear, suppresses melanin production and prevents freckles.
White lupine extract*1, a plant-derived ingredient that focuses on the production of ceramide, which is necessary for the skin, moisturizes the skin.
Pearl Conchiolin®*2, an amino acid extracted from the mother-of-pearl layer, retains moisture in the skin with its natural water retention power that keeps pearls shining.
Pearl collagen®*3 extracted from pearl oysters, which nurture pearls, works to wrap the skin and retain moisture.

1: Houttuynia japonica extract (moisturizing ingredient) *2: Hydrolyzed conchiolin liquid (moisturizing ingredient) *3: Succinoyl atelocollagen liquid (moisturizing ingredient)

Directions for use

Apply a generous amount to a cotton pad and pat lightly over the face.
Use Type I and Type II according to the condition of your skin and the season.
Apply a generous amount to a cotton pad. (A teaspoon is a good rule of thumb.) 2.
Gently apply to dry areas first.
(3) Pat lightly and rhythmically.

Ingredients ・ Raw materials

Active ingredients
Arbutin, Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate