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MIKIMOTO COSMETICS| Mikimoto Pharmaceutical Co. Wrinkle Advanced Cream 20g

MIKIMOTO COSMETICS| Mikimoto Pharmaceutical Co. Wrinkle Advanced Cream 20g

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I'm looking forward to a tomorrow without any wrinkle problems.

A medicated wrinkle cream that improves wrinkles.

It is a medicated wrinkle improvement cream that works multifacetedly against wrinkles caused by dryness, aging, and UV rays.
This product is designed to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
The cream penetrates deep into the wrinkles and adheres perfectly, delivering the active ingredients deep into the skin.

Indications ・ Effects

Contains Niacinamide*1, an active ingredient that has been proven to improve wrinkles. It approaches both the epidermis and dermis and works to improve existing deep wrinkles.
Adopts a unique penetration system, the Wrinkle Approach System. It delivers the active ingredients to the dermis while softening the stratum corneum with moisturizing ingredients.
Adopts a unique formulation technology called "Stretch Up Formula". The active ingredients adhere to the fine irregularities of wrinkles and lift them.
Pearl Conchiolin®*2, an amino acid extracted from the mother-of-pearl layer, retains moisture in the skin with its natural ability to retain water.
・Pearl collagen®*3 extracted from pearl oysters retains moisture as if it were wrapped around the skin.
Marine Herb Extract MP*4, a unique extract from seaweed, also known as "sea herb," leads to a bouncy texture.
Artichoke extract, a botanical ingredient that inhibits the breakdown of collagen, provides elasticity and moisture to the skin.

1: Wrinkle-improving active ingredient *2: Hydrolyzed conchiolin liquid (moisturizing ingredient) *3: Succinyl atelocollagen liquid (moisturizing ingredient) *4: Seaweed extract (1)

Directions for use

At the end of morning and evening care, take an appropriate amount (equivalent to 1 to 2 small pearls) and gently and firmly apply to eyes, mouth, and other areas of concern.


Active ingredient : Niacinamide