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MINON Amino Moist Moist Charge Milk 100g

MINON Amino Moist Moist Charge Milk 100g

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MINON AMINO MOIST Moist Charge Milk is a moisturizing milky lotion formulated with nine moisturizing amino acids and two clarifying amino acids that easily spreads on the skin to lock in moisture. It has a rich and thick texture but does not leave a sticky residue. It penetrates even the driest and roughest stratum corneum, leaving your skin smooth and supple.
Fragrance-free, colorant-free, and mildly acidic. Alcohol-free. Paraben-free.
Allergy-tested (patch-tested). Patch tested.
Stinging tested. Tested for continuous use by people with sensitive or dry skin. Allergy tested.
1 Not all people are allergy-free.
2 This product is not suitable for all skin types.

Directions for use

After toning your skin, dispense an appropriate amount (1 to 2 pushes) onto clean palms and gently apply to the face.
Press the pump several times until the product is released.