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MITSUKAN Kakeru KANTAN(Easy to use)  Vineger 190mlL

MITSUKAN Kakeru KANTAN(Easy to use) Vineger 190mlL

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It is a mild and refreshing flavored vinegar with kombu dashi and citrus juice such as lemon. It comes in a narrow-mouth bottle that can be easily adjusted to the desired amount by pushing the bottle, making it easy to prepare delicious dishes such as cold shabu-shabu salad or cafe-style rice with fried and cut vegetables on top of rice. This well-balanced flavored vinegar can be used in a variety of dishes such as fried white meat, vinegar dishes, and seafood bowls.

Ingredients *Please make sure to check the product you receive. sugar, vinegar, water candy, salt, lemon juice, yuzu juice, kombu dashi, sugar/acidulant, seasoning (amino acid)