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Morinaga Seika /  Hi-Chew Assorted 94g

Morinaga Seika / Hi-Chew Assorted 94g

Morinaga Seika
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This is an assortment of four popular Hi-Chew flavors. The four flavors are Strawberry, Green Apple, Grape, and a limited time flavor.
Please note that the limited time flavors may change depending on the season and may differ from the package shown in the picture.
Morinaga Seika was founded in 1899 by our founder, Taichiro Morinaga, as the Morinaga Western Confectionary Manufacturing Company, and with the great dream of bringing nutritious and delicious confectionaries to the people of Japan, we have accumulated a history of over 100 years. Since then, we have continued to carry on the dream of our founder, while promoting research and development to provide products and services that further meet the needs of our customers, and continue to take on the challenge of creating a new food culture with value and excitement.

Raw materials and ingredients
Grape] Water candy, sugar, vegetable oil and fat, gelatin, grape juice concentrate, mixed jam (including apple), grape puree / acidulant, flavoring, emulsifier, red cabbage color, gardenia blue color [Strawberry] Water candy, sugar, vegetable oil and fat, gelatin, strawberry chips, strawberry puree Strawberry jam, strawberry juice concentrate, lactobacillus acidophilus beverage (contains milk ingredients) / acidulant, flavoring agent, emulsifier, processed starch, red cabbage color [Green Apple] syrup, sugar, vegetable oil and fat, gelatin, apple juice concentrate, apple jam, apple puree / acidulant, emulsifier, flavoring agent, safflower yellow pigment, gardenia blue pigment Water candy, sugar, vegetable oil and fat, gelatin, concentrated mandarin orange juice, mandarin orange puree / acidulant, emulsifier, flavoring, paprika color