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Morinaga Seika  / Moonlight

Morinaga Seika / Moonlight

Morinaga Seika
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Moonlight is baked with a rich flavor of eggs and butter.
The crispy texture and light melt-in-your-mouth texture create a delicious, lingering taste.

Ingredients ・ Raw materials

Flour, sugar, shortening, chicken eggs, butter oil, vegetable oil, margarine, egg yolks, salt/emulsifier (derived from soybeans), flavoring, inflatant, carotene coloring


Eggs, milk, wheat, soybeans

Nutrition Facts

[Per 1 sheet (standard 8.1g)
Calorific value: 43kcal
Protein: 0.5g
Fat: 2.2g
Carbohydrate: 5.2g
Sodium: 16mg