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Morinaga Seika /  Salted Caramel 12 pieces

Morinaga Seika / Salted Caramel 12 pieces

Morinaga Seika
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Morinaga, a long-established maker of caramels, uses rock salt from Lorraine, France, to create a smooth, mouth-watering caramel. These caramels are a great way to replenish your salt intake.

Contents: 12 caramels
Ingredients: sugar syrup, condensed milk (raw milk, sugar, vegetable oil and fat), sugar, vegetable oil and fat, cream cheese, skimmed milk powder, reduced sugar syrup, wheat protein hydrolysate, butter, salt, malt extract, dextrin/sorbitol, flavoring, emulsifier (derived from soybeans)
Storage: Keep out of direct sunlight, high temperature, and high humidity.