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Morinaga Seika /  Vegetable Ottoto <Consomme flavor> in a box

Morinaga Seika / Vegetable Ottoto in a box

Morinaga Seika
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 There are 8 kinds of Hatake no Naka-mama and 4 kinds of Hatake no Yujin with green and yellow vegetables.

Not all 12 shapes are included.

Dried potatoes, wheat flour, shortening, sugar, vegetable oil and fat, seasoning powder (salt, protein hydrolysate (including soybeans), sugar, vegetable powder (tomato, pumpkin, carrot, spinach), corn starch, vegetable bouillon powder, vegetable oil and fat, yeast extract powder, pepper) Corn starch, whey powder (dairy product), salt, dried red peppers, carrot powder, pumpkin powder, dried spinach, processed starch, shellfish Ca, seasoning (amino acids, etc.), leavening agent, emulsifier, flavoring, carotene pigment, paprika pigment, antioxidant (vitamin E, vitamin C), sweetener (squash), etc. C), sweetener (sucralose)

Nutritional Information

Per 1 bag (25g)
Calorific value: 110 kcal:
Protein: 1.3g:
Fat: 3.1g:
Carbohydrates: 19.3g:
Sodium: 160mg: