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Natori Uzura seasoned egg with smoked flavor

Natori Uzura seasoned egg with smoked flavor

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Quail seasoned egg, a popular snack, is now available in a new form. Taking advantage of the quail egg's characteristics of being just the right size to be eaten in one bite, each egg is individually wrapped. You can enjoy it in a new style, without using chopsticks or toothpicks, just pop it into your mouth. A special sauce with the aroma of dried bonito and kelp is used for the seasoning, giving it an elegant taste. Smoked flavor is added to enhance the taste of the egg.


(Per 1 bag (standard 87g))
Energy 166kcal
Protein 12.3g
Fat 10.4g
Carbohydrate 5.7g
Sodium 573mg

Quail egg, soy sauce (including soybeans and wheat), sugar, mirin, Japanese soup stock, salt, vinegar, seasoning (amino acid), kunjun, lactic acid Ca