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Nestle  /  Kit Kat Mini Adult Sweetness 13pcs

Nestle / Kit Kat Mini Adult Sweetness 13pcs

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Kit Kat is now available in a paper package. By changing to paper, you can enjoy it like origami, and you can also write messages on it and give it to your loved ones. By continuously reviewing the packaging materials for the future, we will create an opportunity for consumers to participate in eco-friendly activities in a fun and easy way. The finely crushed black cookies are kneaded into the chocolate in a perfect balance to achieve a moderate sweetness. You will enjoy the deep and rich taste of the adult.

Ingredients ・ Raw materials

Vegetable oil and fat, sugar, cookie (wheat flour, sugar, shortening, cocoa powder, salt), cocoa mass, wheat flour, lactose, whole milk powder, cocoa butter, cocoa powder, yeast/emulsifier, leavening agent, flavoring, baking soda, yeast food, (contains wheat, milk ingredients, soybeans)