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SARAYA /   Lakanto Calorie Zero Candy Milk Coffee 60g

SARAYA / Lakanto Calorie Zero Candy Milk Coffee 60g

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Brazilian coffee with a gentle milk flavor
Not only is it good for dieters who want to reduce calories but still want to eat something sweet! Not only for dieters who want to reduce calories but also for those who want to eat something sweet, but also for those who are walking, playing sports, or traveling.
They are easy on the teeth, so the whole family can enjoy them! Erythritol, one of the ingredients in Lakanto Calorie Free Candy, is a sweetener that is generally not used by cavity-causing bacteria and is said to be less likely to cause tooth decay.

Ingredients ・ Raw materials

Erythritol, polydextrose, coffee extract/thickening agent (xanthan gum), acidulant, sweetener (lacança extract), flavor

Precautions for use

Taking a large amount of this product at one time may cause stomach upset depending on your constitution. If this happens, please take a smaller amount.
The candy is a little hard due to its characteristics. Please do not chew it hastily, but dissolve it slowly in your mouth.
Because this product is made from natural ingredients, it may have different colors, grains from raw materials, and white powder on the surface.
The pictures and illustrations on the package are for illustrative purposes only.
Due to the fully automatic packaging process, there may be some empty sachets in the package. In some cases, empty sachets may be mixed in.
Products containing milk, wheat, and soybeans are manufactured at this product manufacturing plant.