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Ninben 4-Grain White Dashi 200ml (diluted type) x 24 bottles

Ninben 4-Grain White Dashi 200ml (diluted type) x 24 bottles

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Instead of wheat and soybeans, this "white soup stock" is made with soy sauce made from four kinds of minor grains (sesame, millet, Japanese millet, and millet).
This allergy-friendly version of "White Dashi" can be conveniently used in a variety of dishes, not only Japanese style dishes.
The richly flavored bonito flakes are combined with Sodagatsuobushi, which brings out the flavor of the minor grain soy sauce, to create a mellow taste. Except for sesame seeds, this product does not contain any allergy-specified ingredients.
This product is also suitable for gluten-free diets.


Ingredients: Salt, sugar, seafood extract, bonito flakes, dried bonito flakes, yeast extract, soy sauce-like seasoning (sesame seeds, salt, millet, Japanese millet, millet), vinegar, (sesame seeds are included in some ingredients)