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Ninben White Dashi Gold 500ml x 12 bottles set

Ninben White Dashi Gold 500ml x 12 bottles set

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A combination of domestic dried bonito flakes and mackerel flakes with organic soy sauce to create a light-colored, elegantly flavored white dashi. No chemical seasonings or coloring agents are used. It is easy to make authentic soup stock just by mixing with hot water.
Please dilute to the following ratio.

Example of cooking
Osuimono: 13~15% water or hot water.
Chawanmushi: 11~13% water or hot water.
Oden: 9~11% water or hot water.
Hot pot: water or hot water 10~12.
With this one bottle, you can expand the range of your cooking.
No chemical seasoning added.


Ingredients: Mixed broth (bonito flakes, mackerel flakes, dried bonito flakes), salt, sugar, protein hydrolysate, kelp broth, organic soy sauce, yeast extract, vinegar, alcohol, (contains wheat and soybeans)