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Nisshin Karaage Powder 1kg

Nisshin Karaage Powder 1kg

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Based on the double flavor of chicken extract and scallion extract, it has a deep and fragrant flavor with several kinds of spices and aromatic vegetables.
The unique granulated powder adheres evenly to the ingredients, so the flavor is not lost and the food is fried lightly and crispy.
It is a powdered type of fried bean curd that can be easily used as much as you like.
This is a large capacity type for professional use.


Wheat flour (wheat: North America, etc.), starch (Japan, etc.), salt (Japan, etc.), powdered water candy, spices, glucose, sugar, powdered soy sauce, chicken extract powder, powdered sake, garlic powder, vegetable oil, green onion extract powder, yeast extract powder, egg white powder, seasoning (amino acids, etc.), emulsifier, paprika color, spice extract, etc. (Milk ingredients are included in some ingredients.)