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Nisshin /  Osaka Kiji Honten Okonomiyaki Flour 400g

Nisshin / Osaka Kiji Honten Okonomiyaki Flour 400g

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This okonomiyaki powder is made under the supervision of "Kiji Honten", a famous okonomiyaki restaurant in Umeda, Osaka.
It is recommended by the "Japan Konamon Association" for its authentic taste.
You can easily enjoy the moist and melt-in-your-mouth texture of okonomiyaki with a strong flavor of chicken broth at home.


Wheat flour, salt, vegetable oil and fat, chicken extract powder, flavor ingredients (bonito powder, kelp powder), yam powder, shiitake mushroom extract powder, bonito extract powder, kelp extract powder, protein hydrolysate, bonito extract powder, yeast extract powder, chicken fat, processed starch, baking powder, seasoning ( seasoning (amino acid, etc.), emulsifier, (including milk ingredients and soybeans in some ingredients)