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Nissin Cup Noodles Bukkomihan x 6 pcs Set

Nissin Cup Noodles Bukkomihan x 6 pcs Set

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Nissin Foods has seriously commercialized the "thing" where rice is thrown into the soup after eating ramen!
It tastes as if rice is thrown into the leftover soup of Cup Noodle.
It tastes just like you threw rice into the leftover soup of a cup noodle.
Carbohydrate x carbohydrate makes me feel immoral.
But it is delicious.
Ingredients: minced pork, seasoned pork, scrambled eggs, shrimp, spring onions.

Ingredients ・ Ingredients

Ingredients: Rice (rice (domestic), processed oil and fat, salt), soup (pork fat, salt, wheat flour, soy sauce, glucose, protein hydrolysate, starch, flavored oil, spices, chicken extract, pork extract, menma powder), seasoned minced pork, seasoned egg, seasoned shrimp, seasoned pork, green onion, seasoning (amino acids, etc.), trehalose Seasoning (amino acids, etc.), trehalose, emulsifier, caramel color, phosphate (Na), processed starch, flavoring, carbonic acid Ca, antioxidant (vitamin E), polysaccharide thickener, silicone, carotenoid color, spice extract, (some ingredients include milk ingredients and sesame)