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Nissin Foods Cup Noodle Mini 36g (15 pieces) <box sale>

Nissin Foods Cup Noodle Mini 36g (15 pieces)

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A miniature version of Cup Noodle. Cup Noodle's unique smooth noodles and original soup. The ingredients are shrimp, egg, meat, and green onion.


Deep fried noodles (wheat flour, vegetable oil and fat, salt, chicken extract, pork extract, soy sauce, protein hydrolysate), seasoned pork, seasoned egg, seasoned shrimp, sugar, soy sauce, salt, green onion, spices, protein hydrolysate, pork extract, chicken extract, vegetable extract, processed starch, seasoning (amino acids, etc.), Ca carbonate, brine Caramel color, thickened polysaccharide, emulsifier, antioxidant (vitamin E), carotenoid color, spice extract, vitamin B2, vitamin B1, acidulant, flavor, (includes milk ingredients)