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Nissin Foods /  Gomei Raoh Black Vinegar Spicy Hot Noodles 2-Serving Pack

Nissin Foods / Gomei Raoh Black Vinegar Spicy Hot Noodles 2-Serving Pack

Nissin Foods
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My Reward, Rich Ramen of Happiness
My reward for being happy, rich and thick ramen. This hot and sour noodle is rich in chicken flavor and addictive with the gorgeous and rich sourness of black vinegar. It contains 1000mg of collagen.

How to make it
1. Beat and beat one egg for preparation.
Bring 500ml of water to a boil in a pot, then add the noodles and boil for 4 minutes. Put the noodles in the pot and boil for 4 minutes. Turn off the heat and transfer the noodles to a bowl.
Do not discard the hot water.
Add the powdered soup to the pot in Step 2, stir well, and heat. When it comes to a boil over high heat, add beaten egg and let it boil for a moment before turning off the heat.
Add the liquid soup to the pan and stir gently. 5.


Noodles (wheat flour (manufactured in Japan), whole wheat flour, salt, vegetable oil and fat, chicken seasoning, emulsified oil and fat, egg powder), soup (soy sauce, vinegar, vegetable oil and fat, pork fat, starch, chicken seasoning, spices, collagen peptide, chicken extract, salt, shiitake mushroom extract, pork extract, chicken fat, sugar, dextrin) Starch, seasoning (amino acids, etc.), acidulant, brine, thickener (polysaccharide thickener, processed starch), Ca carbonate, caramel color, flavor, carotenoid color, antioxidant (vitamin E), spice extract, sweetener (sucralose), vitamin B2, vitamin B1 Chicken, pork, gelatin)