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NOBEL  /   Otoko Ume (Men's  plum) Candy  80g

NOBEL / Otoko Ume (Men's plum) Candy 80g

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One grain of "Otoko-Ume" contains the juice of one plum and the original flavor of the plum is concentrated.
The new product contains two kinds of ume extracts: ripe ume extracts from fully ripe ume and ume pulp extracts from slowly boiled ume juice.
The result is a candy that is full of flavor.


Sugar (manufactured in Japan), syrup, concentrated ume juice, salt, ume pulp, dextrin, branched oligosaccharide, ume vinegar, shiso powder, ume extract, dried ume extract, reduced syrup / acidulant, flavoring, coloring (anthocyanin, flavonoid), seasoning (amino acid, etc.), sweetener (stevia), (contains some soybeans)