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Simultaneous approach to both wrinkles and blemishes
A medicated serum that is easy to continue using

A full-face medicated serum that provides both wrinkle improvement and whitening (*1) care in one bottle.
Contains W Niacin (*2), an active ingredient that has been approved for both wrinkle improvement and whitening in a single ingredient. It promotes collagen production in the dermis to improve existing wrinkles. At the same time, it prevents future blemishes and whitening effects by suppressing the overproduction of melanin.
When used on the entire face, it is effective not only for visible wrinkles but also for wrinkles that are difficult to notice on one's own, preventing spots and freckles from spreading across the face.
It also contains "Base Enhancer (*3)," a moisturizing ingredient that combines plant extracts to plump, clarify, and brighten the skin.
It has a pleasant texture that melts and spreads freshly with body heat, and it can be applied to the entire face just like a regular skincare product, without the need for the detailed application to spots, making it easy for busy people to continue using it every day.

*1 Suppresses melanin production to prevent spots and freckles
*2 Niacinamide
*3 safflower extract-1, rosemary extract

No fragrance, no colorant, no easily oxidized oil, no synthetic surfactants, weakly acidic, W Niacin 1 = active ingredient, Base Enhancer 2 = moisturizing ingredient that leads to plump and clear skin
*1 Niacinamide *2 safflower extract-1, rosemary extract
1 Niacinamide *2 safflower extract-1, rosemary extract *Allergy tested = Not all people are allergic to this product.