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P&G SK-II Genoptix Aura Essence 75mL

P&G SK-II Genoptix Aura Essence 75mL

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A representative of SK-II's award-winning whitening series, this serum prevents skin clouding* for radiant aura whitening skin.

Caused by excessive melanin production

Genoptix Aura Essence (Quasi-drug), the representative whitening serum of SK-II's whitening series born from its innovative skin science, has won numerous awards since its launch.

It contains a unique complex of ingredients including active whitening ingredients. It leads to an aura of skin that glows from within, free from blemishes and skin cloudiness*.

The milky-white essence is light, smooth, and easy to apply, and blends quickly into the skin.

Also worth mentioning is the AutoFill Dropper, a dropper specially designed for this product. A single drop of the dropper is enough to measure out the optimal amount of product for a single application, allowing for easy and thorough application.

To prevent overproduction of melanin

How to use

Step 1
After applying lotion, dispense a small amount (one dropper drop, about 2cm in diameter) into the palm of the hand.
Step 2
Smooth over your face and apply all over your skin.
Step 3
For areas of concern, apply in layers and dab in with fingers.


Active ingredient D-MelanoTM*1 Active ingredient: Concentrated SK-II PiteraTM, Prune extract*2, Inositol*3, Plum extract*4, Pixel WhiteTM*5 PiteraTM: Galactomyces cerevisiae cultured liquid (skin conditioning and moisturizing ingredient) *1 Nicotinic acid amide W (whitening active ingredient) *2 Prune enzyme degradation product (moisturizing ingredient) ) *3 Inosit (Moisturizing ingredient) *4 Plum fruit extract (Moisturizing ingredient) *5 Undecylenoylphenylalanine (Moisturizing ingredient)