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P&G SK-II LXP Ultimate Perfecting Essence 150ml

P&G SK-II LXP Ultimate Perfecting Essence 150ml

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Beauty Lotion

Focuses on various elements*1. Conditions the stratum corneum and provides firmness and high moisturizing power.

Contains the complex ingredient Golden Regenerating Complex*2. The complex ingredient Golden Regenerating Complex*2 fills the stratum corneum with moisture, leading to supple and firm skin. Contains ultra-concentrated SK-II Pitera? formula. Helps to regulate the skin's natural functions and keep it radiant and clear from within. The moist and comfortable feel makes daily care a blissful experience.

Typical Ingredients:
Super-concentrated Pitera. Japan in the 1970s. The scientists at SK-II, struck by the incredible softness and beauty of the hands of a master brewer, discovered a wonderful ingredient that would lead to beautiful skin and named it Pitera. The scientists at SK-II spent years researching the ideal process to maximize the power of Pitera, and finally succeeded in concentrating Pitera. They finally succeeded in concentrating Pitera. This is the ultra-concentrated SK-II Pitera. This is SK-II Pitera. Now, experience the ultra-concentrated SK-II Pitera used only in SK-II's masterpiece, the LXP Ultimate Perfecting Series. Experience it for yourself.

Centella Extract: The LXP Ultimate Perfecting Series contains a unique and luxurious ingredient. It is Centella Extract. This extract from Centella Asiatica is a precious ingredient discovered by SK-II scientists in warm regions of China, India, Madagascar, and Central America.

Rose Absolute: An absolute extracted from the fresh flowers of the natural Rose Centifolia. Rouse de Mai, the most elegant fragrance in the world, is harvested only in May in the Grasse region of France. You can feel the fragrance while caring for your skin, and it will fill your heart with joy.