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POLA Aleu Cleansing Cream 120g

POLA Aleu Cleansing Cream 120g

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Melting cleansing cream for smooth make-up removal

A cleansing cream that melts into the skin to smoothly remove makeup. It leaves your skin soft and supple while removing make-up.

Floral woody scent.
Hypoallergenic (Patch tested on sensitive skin. Hypoallergenic (Patch-tested for sensitive skin, but not all people will experience skin irritation.)
Allergy tested.
Use at night for approximately 100 days.

How to use

[Amount for one use
[At night] About a grain of cherry

(1) Using the "face" of your fingers, wash in a lifting direction against the drooping skin.

2) Place on five points of the face (forehead, both cheeks, nose, and chin) and spread over the entire face from inside to outside.