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POLA Alu Collection Box

POLA Alu Collection Box

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This set includes the lotion, milk, cleansing cream, wash, and cream in mini sizes. This limited-edition set includes the five skincare products in the Aleu line.

Set contents - Allieu Lotion 120mL (for 100 days) - Allieu Milk 80mL (for 100 days) - Allieu Cleansing Cream 40g (for 30 days) - Allieu Wash 40g (for 30 days) - Allieu Cream 10g (for 30 days)

When you touch it, when you use it. For the skin that tends to fluctuate. For the skin of adult women who tend to fluctuate. All of our products use our proprietary "Gentle Rich Design". All of our products are designed to be light to the touch and have passed hypoallergenic tests* to ensure that they are comfortable to use on the skin. This product has been patch-tested on sensitive skin. This does not mean that this product will not cause skin irritation in all people.

We established the "Beautiful Skin Utilization Theory" by focusing on the relationship between the two major hormones (female hormones and growth hormones) and the skin.   POLA's original complex ingredient Phytocerone (a complex of the moisturizing ingredients morning glory extract, peach nectar extract, and carrot extract*) was developed and formulated. Phytocerone is a complex ingredient developed and formulated by POLA.   Phytocerone (a complex of moisturizing ingredients such as morning glory extract, peach nectar extract, and carrot extract*) was developed and formulated to support healthy skin and achieve firm, vibrant, and bright skin.   Supports the skin's (stratum corneum) vitality: Contains POLA's original complex ingredient Phytocerone.   Supports the skin's (stratum corneum) elasticity: Contains POLA's original beauty ingredients*2: spikenard extract and NAO extract.   Contains POLA original beauty ingredients*2: spikenard extract and NAO extract.   Focuses on glycation of the skin (stratum corneum): Contains POLA's original beauty ingredient*2 YAC extract and beauty ingredient*2 Rooibos extract.   To support healthy skin (stratum corneum): Contains POLA's original beauty ingredients*2 dermal regulator, dermal protect polymer, beauty ingredient*2 bodhiju extract, and arnica extract. A pleasant and relaxing floral woody scent.

Directions for use

Cleansing cream: Apply to five areas of the face (forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin) and spread over the entire face from inside to outside.
Wash: Start from the T-zone where sebum is relatively high, then spread the remaining foam over the entire face. Wash in a spiral motion from inside to outside.
Active foam mask beauty method:
Take a small amount and place it on five points of your face (forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin). Apply a small amount to five areas of the face (forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin), avoiding the eye and mouth area.
Pull up along the face line from under the chin to under the ears.
Pull up the entire cheeks toward the temples.
Pull up the entire forehead, and finally push the temples.
5) Pat with four fingers in a fine, bouncy motion.
(6) When the gel turns into a white foam, apply it evenly to your face and leave it on for about three minutes. After that, rinse your face gently and carefully with water or lukewarm water.
Lotion, Milk, Cream
To lift cheeks: Place the side of the index finger from the nose to the mouth, and place the thumb under the chin.
Place the thumb under the chin and pull up the cheeks toward the temples.
2) Pull up the forehead: From the temples to the center of the forehead, alternately pull up with the opposite hand.
3) To enhance skin penetration: Rub your palms together to warm them up a little, then wrap your entire face in the product and apply it closely to your face to enhance skin penetration.