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POLA Alu Milk Refill 80ml

POLA Alu Milk Refill 80ml

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A milk that softly loosens the skin and gives it a sense of firmness

A light and fluffy milk containing beauty ingredients*1 penetrates the skin*2 as it softly loosens the skin*3 and creates a veil of moisture. It creates a veil of moisture that softly penetrates the skin*2 and leaves it feeling firm and moisturized.
1 Moisturizing ingredient *2 Stratum corneum *3 Stratum corneum

Floral woody scent
Hypoallergenic (Patch tested on sensitive skin. Hypoallergenic (patch-tested on sensitive skin, but does not mean that all people will not experience skin irritation)
Allergy tested.
Use morning and night for about 100 days.