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POLA B.A Basic Set

POLA B.A Basic Set

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This special set allows you to try a line of basic care products from POLA's top brand, B.A. Set includes ・B.A Cleansing Cream 20g ・B.A Wash 20g ・B.A Lotion 20mL ・B.A Milk 15mL

98% of beauty is sleeping. (source)

There are uncharted areas in the skin cells. In that 98%, the potential for beauty lies dormant.

In order to awaken the beauty of all life. What we have focused on is the science at a deeper level, at the genetic level.

Like a switch being turned on, beauty is awakened.

Come on, let's step out. Your skin can change at any time.

You can change. To the skin full of possibilities.