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POLA B.A Cream Refill 30g

POLA B.A Cream Refill 30g

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A cream that maintains the skin's elasticity and firmness.

The rich cream penetrates smoothly into the skin (up to the stratum corneum) to become one with the skin. The rich cream penetrates smoothly into the skin (even into the stratum corneum) for a long-lasting feeling of firmness and elasticity.

Floral woody scent - Allergy tested (not all people are allergy free)

How to use

Amount for one use
Night: About a pearl
Enough for about 100 days of full face use.

Apply the cream to the entire face.

(2) Place three fingers on the jawline of the back teeth and slowly loosen in a circular motion from the front to the back.

(3) Place the side of your index finger on the lines of decay and pull it up toward your temples.

(4) Glide your fingers toward your collarbone to release waste.

(5) Wrap both cheeks with the palms of your hands and apply the cream.

Wrap your forehead and chin with the cream and let it penetrate thoroughly.