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POLA B.A Serum Prisulmina Refill 40ml

POLA B.A Serum Prisulmina Refill 40ml

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B.A.'s serum for skin that glows with a sense of life.


A new proposal for skin tone care that not only "removes" dullness but also "creates" radiance.
Conventional skin whitening products are designed to "remove" the cause of dullness.
B.A has focused on Lumican, a substance inside the skin that repels light of various colors.
B.A proposes a new type of skin tone care that combines care that "removes" with care that "creates" radiance on its own. Of course, it also contains B.A skincare beauty ingredients.
It aims to give the skin a life-like radiance and a fresh, supple feeling.

Allergy tested (not all people are allergic to this product).