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POLA Moistissimo Trial Set

POLA Moistissimo Trial Set

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For those who suffer from dry skin. A 2-week trial set of Moistissimo high-moisture skincare.

Set includes
Cleansing Cream 20g
Wash 20g
Lotion 20mL
Milk 8mL
Cream 4g
Gentle floral scent
The amount of each item is equivalent to about 2 weeks of use.

Focusing on the fact that the cause of dryness is the stratum corneum. This product fills the stratum corneum with moisture and makes the skin absorbent and soft. This is a trial set that allows you to try the full line from cleansing to cream for about 2 weeks.

Allergy tested (not all people are allergic to this product).

Hypoallergenic (Patch tested on sensitive skin. Hypoallergenic (patch-tested on sensitive skin, but may not cause skin irritation in all patients)