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POLA Wrinkle Shot Medical Serum (Serum) 20g

POLA Wrinkle Shot Medical Serum (Serum) 20g

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The only*1 medicated cosmetics in Japan that improves wrinkles*2. 1 The only one: as of December 2016. 2 Improves wrinkles: Efficacy evaluation test conducted by the Japanese Cosmetic Society. 70% of wrinkles at the corner of the eyes improved in 12 weeks. The depth of wrinkles improved by up to 34%.

One day, the impossible will become possible. January 1, 2017. POLA's Wrinkle Shot is born.

It is the first medicated cosmetic product approved in Japan to improve wrinkles. One of these products has the world's only wrinkle improvement mechanism.

POLA has discovered it. The skin misinterprets inflammation caused by ultraviolet rays and other factors, as well as wrinkles caused by daily facial expressions, as "flaws," which in turn cause wrinkles to appear. If we can block this effect, we can promote the improvement of wrinkles by the skin's own power. This is made possible by POLA's proprietary quasi-drug active ingredient Neil One, which was discovered from approximately 5,400 ingredients. 2 This world-first discovery led to the creation of POLA's Wrinkle Shot. The mechanism is different. In other words, the approach to wrinkle improvement is different. The skin of 440,000 people*3 already knows this. Now, the next step is you.

From POLA, a pioneer in wrinkle improvement. First approved in Japan. Suppresses the degradation of the dermis. Improves wrinkles with the skin's natural power*4. Already experienced by 440,000 people. Recognized by beauty experts as a winner of 40 Best Cosmetics awards. 5

1 The world's only wrinkle-improving mechanism: A wrinkle-improving mechanism that balances dermal degradation and production by inhibiting the activity of neutrophil elastase. 2 Neil One: Name of the ingredient: Isopropyl trifluoride oxopropyl aminocarbonyl pyrrolidine carbonyl methylpropyl aminocarbonyl benzoylaminoacetic acid sodium *3 440,000: Sales results from January 1 to September 30, 2017 (according to POLA) 4 Improves wrinkles: Significance was achieved according to the evaluation criteria of the Anti-Wrinkle Product Evaluation Guidelines established by the Japanese Cosmetic Industry Association for the acquisition of new indications. 5 40 awards received: as of January 6, 2018 *Aging care: care using cosmetics and other products in accordance with age.