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Popolabo White Veil Pack 120g

Popolabo White Veil Pack 120g

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One tone brighter! White Veil Pack to Create Radiance

4 Recommendations
For dull and bright skin
Massage your skin to make it healthy
Moisturizing beauty for luscious skin
Tighten your face and become a bare-skin beauty!

Use it every day for confidence in your skin.
Many ingredients to make your skin shine!
This skin peeling pack has many functions such as skin beautification, moisturizing, keratin care, and blood circulation promotion by massage.
Natural ingredients such as lucomannan, a natural ingredient derived from konjac potato, and other natural ingredients in the formula provide gentle scrubbing power. It removes sebum and dead skin cells and gives elasticity to the skin.
After the massage, your skin will be smooth, smooth, and radiant!