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Morishita Jintan Ravis mouth pack sheet, 10 sheets

Morishita Jintan Ravis mouth pack sheet, 10 sheets

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RABIS Mouth Pack Sheet 10 sheets is a special pack for the mouth area that allows moisturizing ingredients to penetrate deep into the horny layer around the mouth while you sleep. The sheets are gentle on the skin and have amazing adhesive strength. Plenty of moisturizing oil ingredients blend with the skin and penetrate deep into the horny layer. The sheet is light and does not peel off easily, so it does not bother you when you are sleeping or doing housework. Contains hyaluronic acid, vitamins A and E, and CoQ10.

How to use

(1) Use after toning your skin.
(2) Take out from the bag and peel off the peel-off paper.
(3) Apply the sheet to your mouth.
(4) Leave the sheet on for one night.
(5) Remove the sheet slowly the next morning and wash your face.
*Adhesiveness may be impaired if moisture or oil such as sweat remains on the skin. After using milky lotion, cream or serum, please use it after a while.
*Continue to use daily for best results.
*It is more effective if applied after stretching the mouth area.