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Real Bijinnuka Pure Rice Whitening Lotion (Quasi-drug) 130mL

Real Bijinnuka Pure Rice Whitening Lotion (Quasi-drug) 130mL

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Moisturizing Whitening
A medicated whitening lotion that suppresses melanin production, prevents freckles and dark spots and leaves your skin feeling fresh and dewy.
Whitening active ingredient tranexamic acid
Blocks melanin information and prevents spots and freckles.
Rice and rice bran moisturizing ingredients and moisturizing skincare ingredients lead to fresh, beautiful skin.
In addition to stork rice bran extract and rice bran ceramide, which are used in the Junmai series, rice bran extract hydrolyzed liquid A and rice extract hydrolyzed liquid is added as "rice and rice bran moisturizing ingredients. In addition, it contains "moisturizing beauty skin ingredients" to lead to fresh, beautiful skin filled with moisture.

1 Di-(phytosterol-octyl dodecyl) lauroyl glutamate
Supports skin whitening care
Contains rice bran extract hydrolyzed liquid A, yeast extract, and gentian extract as moisturizing ingredients to support whitening care. In addition, we have included aqua conditioning ingredients*3 to prepare the skin for easier penetration*2 of the whitening active ingredient (tranexamic acid).

2 To the stratum corneum
3 Cyclohexanedicarboxylic acid bis-ethoxydiglycol (moisturizing ingredient)

Rice bran extract is extracted from rice bran, which contains rich skin beautifying ingredients such as amino acids, vitamins E and B, polysaccharides, and rice bran oil. The Junmai series contains rice bran extracts developed by storks, which are made from the finest ingredients. Stork rice bran extract is an original rice bran ingredient developed by carefully selecting rice grown by the Stork Nurturing Farming Method (a farming method that nurtures safe rice and living creatures at the same time, where the stork, a special natural monument and endangered species, can live). It has been confirmed to have moisturizing and antioxidant effects and can be expected to have anti-aging effects* to maintain the skin's firmness, elasticity, and suppleness.

Moisture care for age-appropriate skin
Rice Bran Ceramide Protects Dry Skin
Ceramide is a major component of intercellular lipids that are necessary for the stratum corneum on the surface of human skin to function as a barrier. It is lost due to dryness and damage and decreases with age. Rice bran ceramide replaces the lost ceramide, retains moisture in the stratum corneum, and protects the skin from external stimuli, thus preventing dryness and roughness and keeping the skin moist.