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RMK Concentrate Advanced Cream 30g

RMK Concentrate Advanced Cream 30g

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An intensive moisturizing cream that melts into the skin
Intensive moisturizing cream
A moisturizing veil envelops the skin, providing a long-lasting moisturizing sensation. Contains niacinamide*1, vitamin E*2, and glycyrrhizinic acid*3 to prevent skin irritation caused by dryness. The texture is rich and sensual while remaining fresh and blending effortlessly into the skin. The scent is a well-balanced blend of Maxima Fruit and three essential oils of orange and bergamot, filling you with a sense of comfort.

How to use

After conditioning the skin with a moisturizer, take a pearl-sized amount and apply it to the face.
After applying moisturizer, apply a pearl-sized amount to your face and press down with the palms of your hands.