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RMK UV Face Protector SPF50+ PA++++/ 50g

RMK UV Face Protector SPF50+ PA++++/ 50g

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A fresh water-based UV cream that repels even the strongest UV rays.
A fresh, water-based UV cream that keeps out even the strongest UV rays.
This sunscreen offers enhanced UV protection without sacrificing its freshness. The AD powder*, which forms a thin film on the skin, strongly blocks not only UV-B rays but also UV-A rays that can damage the skin deeply. The water-based formula feels more comfortable on the skin than on bare skin. It does not leave a white cast, so it does not interfere with makeup. Moisturizing ingredients such as baby peach extract moisturize skin that tends to dry out from UV rays, keeping it smooth. It is suitable for daily use as well as for leisure and sports scenes.

How to use

Apply a dab of the product to the palm of your hand and smooth over your face and décolleté with your fingertips.
Apply to face and décolleté with fingertips, then press down with both palms to penetrate into keratinized skin layer.
Afterwards, use a makeup base or foundation.