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RMK W Cleansing Gel 140g

RMK W Cleansing Gel 140g

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A two-way cleansing gel that leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean.
The gel texture is thick and soft. Contains sweet almond oil*1 and macadamia nut oil*1, as well as aqua gel*3 with a moisturizing effect that contains beauty ingredients such as white jellyfish polysaccharide*2, shell ginger leaf extract*2, and apricot extract*2. It removes makeup without putting a burden on the skin, and also removes dead skin cells and rough pores, leaving the skin smooth and silky. It cleanses the skin, leaving it clear and fresh. Refreshing rosemary scent.

Directions for use

Use as a cleanser or face wash. Take a cherry-sized amount in the palm of your hand and massage in a spiral motion from the center of your face outward, blending in with makeup and dirt. Then rinse well with water or lukewarm water. (No need to wash your face after cleansing.
<30-second morning care
By applying the gel to your face and rinsing it off after 30 seconds, you can gently remove dead skin cells and make your skin more moisturized and clear.