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RMK W Treatment Oil 50ml

RMK W Treatment Oil 50ml

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A total approach to dryness and lack of elasticity.
Treatment oil for a total approach
A pre-care treatment oil that combines an oil layer to soften the skin and a moisture layer to moisturize the stratum corneum. Used at the beginning of the skincare regimen, it helps the subsequent moisturizer to penetrate the stratum corneum. The double-action of oil-based and water-based oils has a wrapping effect that prevents dryness and supports the barrier function of the skin. It can also be used as a beauty oil or massage oil to promote blood circulation*1 and firm the skin. Contains argan oil, which has a high moisturizing effect. The rich yet non-sticky texture and floral citrus scent of a blend of 8 essential oils such as orange and neroli softly envelop the skin.

VOCE 1st place in the face oil category for the best cosmetics in the first half of 2015
MAQUA Best cosmetics for the second half of 2013, 1st place in the oil category
2nd place in the beauty oil category in Biketical's Best Cosmetics for the second half of 2013

How to use

<How to use
After cleansing or toning the skin with a moisturizer, shake well up and down and apply 4-5 drops to the palm of your hand and blend over the face.