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ROHTO Pharmaceutical Co. Obagi C25 Serum Neo 12ml

ROHTO Pharmaceutical Co. Obagi C25 Serum Neo 12ml

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C25 Serum NEO is an all-around treatment for pores and skin elasticity, and takes a multifaceted approach to not only pores and dullness, but also dry fine lines and wrinkles* around the mouth that become a concern with age.

The "Obagi C Series" continues to challenge the limits of serums with the unique technology cultivated by ROHTO. In addition to a high penetration formula containing highly concentrated pure vitamin C, it also contains vitamin E. In addition to the high penetration formula with a high concentration of pure vitamin C, it also contains vitamin E. It leads to skin that is overflowing with transparency and works on multiple skin problems such as pores and irregular texture.

The highest concentration of pure vitamin C in the history of Obagi's product development was said to be impossible to achieve, but after more than 15 years of development, we succeeded in achieving the highest concentration of vitamin C.

This is a Roth original extract from the root of a plant called "Devil's Claw", which is a member of the sesame family. It has been popular in Europe and Africa since ancient times and is a moisturizing ingredient that gives skin elasticity.

The texture is dense and adheres well to the skin, as only the highest concentration of vitamin C can. It has a refreshing scent of enriched grapefruit.

ObagiC25 Serum NEO is recommended for people with the following problems: - Lack of clarity - Concerned about open pores - Lack of elasticity and shrinking skin - Skin that looks dull at night - Skin that is often rough and has an uneven texture - Poor skin tone due to age... I'm worried about dry fine lines around my eyes and mouth.

I don't know where to start... I want to look beautiful all the time without looking tired or lifeless... I want to start a full-fledged anti-aging care program... I'm too busy to take my time to take care of my skin... I don't want to buy a lot of expensive serums. ...