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ROHTO Skin Aqua Perfect UV Stick 10g

ROHTO Skin Aqua Perfect UV Stick 10g

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A stick-type sunscreen that you can apply directly to your skin without getting your hands dirty.
It can be applied directly to the skin when and where you are concerned about UV rays!
During commuting and sports.
During commuting and sports, or on the neck and back of the hands.
It adheres to the skin without feeling sticky.
Can be removed with soap.
Preservative-free. Alcohol-free.
Fragrance-free, colorant-free, and allergy tested. Allergy tested (not allergy-free)

How to use

Open the cap with a slight turn and turn the bottom of the container to the right to release the stick (5mm to 1cm) and apply an appropriate amount evenly.
For best results, reapply frequently. To maintain the effect, reapply frequently, especially if you frequently wipe off sweat (at the beach, in the mountains, during sports, etc.).
It does not turn white, so be sure to apply it evenly.
To prevent sunburn, apply two to three times.
To remove, rinse carefully with a cleanser or cleanser.