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Rosette Facial Cleansing Pasta Age Clear Makeup Remover Cream 180g

Rosette Facial Cleansing Pasta Age Clear Makeup Remover Cream 180g

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A smooth cream that massages your skin while it removes all your makeup! This cleansing cream contains an amino acid-rich eggshell membrane, highly moisturizing ingredients, and red beauty oil to keep moisture in the skin. The thick and smooth cushion of the cream reduces friction on the skin, and just by gently massaging it into the skin, it removes hard-to-remove makeup that has gotten deep into pores, skin texture, and fine lines.

It also contains amino acid-rich eggshell membranes to improve the skin's texture. The eggshell membrane (egg-derived moisturizing ingredient), a thin membrane inside the eggshell that is rich in amino acids that support moisture retention, is kneaded into the product using a unique manufacturing method. The eggshell membrane (egg-derived, moisturizing ingredient) is a thin film inside the eggshell that is rich in amino acids to support skin texture.

The highly moisturizing ingredients will leave your skin feeling fresh even after cleansing! Contains highly moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and collagen that easily penetrate into the stratum corneum, leaving skin fresh and moisturized even after cleansing. In addition, white rice fermentation powder and sake lees extract (moisturizing ingredient) are included to support the moisturizing effect.

Contains three types of red beauty oil (*) (moisturizing ingredient). Contains three kinds of "red beauty oils" (moisturizing ingredients) that protect the skin while improving texture and elasticity.
Pomegranate seed oil / Cranberry seed oil / European raspberry seed oil
A thick cream cushion reduces the burden on the skin! A thick cushion of cream reduces friction that can cause dryness while removing makeup that is difficult to remove.
The rich, thick cream cushion reduces friction, which can cause dryness while removing hard-to-remove makeup.

Please note that packaging and volume may change due to product renewal.