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Rosette Facial Cleansing Pasta Black Pearl 90g

Rosette Facial Cleansing Pasta Black Pearl 90g

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Unique smooth skin system to treat pores and roughness
Contains three types of smooth skin powder. The "pasta formula" with kneaded fine powders removes dirt from pores and cleanses away excess sebum and dead skin cells.
Sulfur powder: Softens and removes dead skin cells from the skin.
Pearl powder: Gently removes unwanted keratin with its softness.
Charcoal powder: Porous powder absorbs dirt and grime from pores.
Conditioning with black beauty ingredients
A luxurious blend of black beauty ingredients for mature skin. Black beauty ingredients for mature skin are richly blended to support the blending of subsequent skincare products and make the skin smooth and easy to apply makeup.
Moist veil effect: Moisturizes the skin and makes it shiny and smooth.
Black Pearl Extract
For smooth skin with no visible pores
Black pearl extract protects skin from dryness and damage, and combats blackheads, roughness, and stickiness of pores.
Acai extract
Mulberry extract
Blackcurrant extract
Skin-friendly botanical ingredients, alcohol-free, mineral oil-free
Refreshing fresh floral scent

How to use

The container is specially designed to prevent contamination from outside due to the sulfur content. 1.
First, open the lid of the container and remove the knob from the center. 2.
Hold both thumbs around the hole and push out an appropriate amount (about 0.5 cm to 1 cm) with even pressure. 3.
Apply to palms, lather well with water or lukewarm water, and wash as you massage. Rinse thoroughly.