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ROYCE' Pure Chocolate [Mild Bitter & Extra Bitter]

ROYCE' Pure Chocolate [Mild Bitter & Extra Bitter]

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Mild Bitter is made from cocoa with low acidity and astringency, with a slight mellowing of milk to make the bitter-tasting chocolate easy to eat.
Extra Bitter draws out the flavor from the strong cocoa and has a sharp taste that is easy to eat, despite its 90% cocoa content.
It is pure chocolate for adults who enjoy high-quality bitter chocolate. *This is Royce's gem of a chocolate that allows you to taste two types of chocolate.

*Consumption: 20 pieces of mild bitter, 20 pieces of extra bitter, 40 pieces in total

Shelf life: 3 months
Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and high humidity, and store below 25℃.