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Ryukakusan / Ryukakusan's Throat Clearing Candy 100G

Ryukakusan / Ryukakusan's Throat Clearing Candy 100G

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Specialty throat manufacturer
Developed by Ryukakusan
Refreshment is born in the field
Contains herbs grown in Akita, Japan
This throat lozenge was developed based on the concept of "Ryukakusan," a throat medicine that was born over 200 years ago and is still used by many people today. The product is made from ultra-fine particles of "Ryukakusan's herb powder" made mainly from chamomile and quince, 19 kinds of herb extracts, and loquat leaves.

Contains ultra-fine particles of Ryukakusan's herbal powder made mainly from chamomile and quince.
Contains 19 kinds of herbal extracts and loquat leaf.
This product is ideal for those who have overused their throat, feel dry, or want to refresh themselves.


Sugar, syrup, herb powder, herb extract, flavoring, coloring (caramel, chlorophyll), acidulant

Nutrition Facts

Energy: 389kcal / Protein: 0g / Fat: 0g / Carbohydrate: 97g / Sodium: 0mg

Cautions for use

Please consume as soon as possible after opening the package.