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Sakishima /  Katsuo Furidashi Premium 7 40P

Sakishima / Katsuo Furidashi Premium 7 40P

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This dashi pack contains seven carefully selected domestic ingredients: Yakidake-san dried bonito, dried sardines, dried mackerel from Yaizu, domestic nodo tuna (red mullet), domestic flying fish, Hokkaido kelp, and Higashihiroshima shiitake mushrooms (grown on our own farm). The flavor base is already prepared, so cooking is very easy and delicious.
Comes in a 40-pack.

How to use

How to make basic soup stock *Adjust the amount for each dish.
1) Place the soup stock pack in a pot with 600ml (about 3 cups) of water or hot water.
Once the water comes to a boil, reduce the heat to medium and simmer for about 1 to 2 minutes.
3) Remove the soup stock packets. (It is not necessary to take it out.)

Ingredients ・ Raw materials

Salt, sugar, dried bonito flakes powder, dried sardine flakes powder, dried mackerel flakes powder, dried bonito flakes granules, soy sauce powder, dried tuna flakes powder, flying fish powder, kelp flakes, shiitake mushroom powder, edible vegetable oil and fat / seasoning (amino acids, etc.), (contains wheat, mackerel, and soybeans)