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SARAYA /   Lakanto S Granules 800g

SARAYA / Lakanto S Granules 800g

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A natural sweetener with zero calories and zero sugar.
Highly heat-resistant and ideal for cooking.
It is very heat resistant and can be used in a variety of dishes, such as boiling, cooking, and baking, following the usual procedures.
No bitterness or loss of sweetness, which is common with low-calorie sweeteners.
It has the same sweetness as sugar, so it can be used in a variety of dishes.
Just replace the same amount of sugar with Lakanto S to reduce calories in a delicious way.
The sweetness is the same, so there is no need for complicated calculations. Lakanto S is the perfect sweetener for those who are concerned about calories.
We have chosen natural ingredients.
"Lacanthus extract is a sweetening ingredient from the rare plant "luo han guo". "Eristole is a fermented sweetener made from starch.
It is useful for weight loss and lifestyle improvement.


Erythritol, Lacanka extract / Sweetener (Lacanka extract)

Nutrition Facts

Calorific value: 0KcaL Protein: 0.2g Fat: 0g Carbohydrate: 99.8g Sugar: 99.8g Sugars: 0g Dietary fiber: 0g Food equivalent: 0g

Precautions for use

The color of Lakanto S is due to the color of the ingredients. The color of Lakanto S is due to the color of the ingredients. Due to the use of natural ingredients, the color tone may vary and black grains from luo han guo may be mixed in, but there is no quality problem. If you take a large amount of this product at one time, you may experience stomach upset depending on your constitution. If this happens, please reduce the amount you take. If you are on a restricted diet due to medical treatment, we recommend that you consult with your doctor or nutritionist before using this product. If used for baking bread, it may cause the bread to expand less.

Storage and Handling Precautions

Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight, high temperature and high humidity.