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Seika Food / Bontan Candy

Seika Food / Bontan Candy

Seika Food
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Bontang is the largest and most fragrant mandarin orange that grows in the clear tropical sky and receives the blessings of the sun. This product is made with its fragrant flavor.

The texture is glutinous, soft, and resilient, and the fresh flavor of Buntan, a tropical fruit, fills your mouth.
The texture is glutinous, soft and elastic.
Each piece is individually wrapped in an oblate so that it can be eaten as is.

Shelf life
240 days


Starch syrup, sugar, maltose, glutinous rice, oblate, concentrated mandarin orange juice, pomelo juice, starch, flavoring, annatto color, emulsifier (from soybeans)

Nutrition Facts

(per 100g/one grain: standard 5g)
Energy 341kcal, Protein 1.1g, Fat 0g, Carbohydrate 84.0g, Salt equivalent 0g

Allergic ingredients