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Senkyu [Gluten Free] Rice Flour Matcha Financier Set (10 pieces)

Senkyu [Gluten Free] Rice Flour Matcha Financier Set (10 pieces)

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A set of rice-flour matcha financier made with plenty of our famous Uji matcha green tea.
We have created a gluten-free financier using Uji's highly reputed matcha green tea.
With no wheat flour and rice flour, you can enjoy the taste of matcha as the "star".
The factory where this product is made also produces products that contain wheat.

For some reason, eating delicious food calms me down.
We eat delicious food to gain energy.
"We believe that delicious food has the power to calm and revitalize the mind.
The "Rice Flour Green Tea Financier" is such a soothing and energizing sweet.

We use high-grade Uji green tea, which is highly reputed in Uji, Kyoto.
One financier contains the equivalent of two cups of matcha green tea.
Each financier contains enough matcha to make two cups of green tea.
Low bitterness and low sourness
The taste of matcha spreads as soon as you bite into it.
The natural color of matcha.
We use an abundance of high-grade matcha that will satisfy even the most discerning of tea lovers.

Ingredients ・ Raw materials

Chicken eggs (domestically produced), sugar, unsalted butter, margarine, almond powder, dairy products, rice flour, matcha, potato starch, corn starch, dilatant, emulsifier, flavoring, pH adjuster, antioxidant (V.E.), colorant (carotene), (contains egg, dairy ingredients, almond, soybean)