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Senkyu /  [Thick] Uji Matcha Cappuccino Stick Type 5 Cups

Senkyu / [Thick] Uji Matcha Cappuccino Stick Type 5 Cups

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The most popular authentic Uji green tea cappuccino that will change your image of matcha.
This unsweetened, authentic matcha cappuccino base allows you to enjoy the true taste of matcha.
It is made from high quality matcha grown in Uji, Kyoto, which is also used in the tea ceremony. It has no bitterness or bitterness at all, and is easy to drink by simply dissolving it in hot water.
Senkyu's Matcha Cappuccino has the taste of matcha that is not too sweet, but rich and full of flavor.
"Many people say, "My image of matcha has changed! This is a very popular product.
High-grade Uji green tea, which is highly reputed in Uji, Kyoto
The matcha used in our matcha lattes is "high-grade Uji matcha," which is highly reputed in Uji, Kyoto.
Low bitterness and gloom
The taste of matcha spreads softly the moment you drink it.
The natural color of matcha.
We use an abundance of matcha that is high grade enough to satisfy even the most discerning of tea drinkers.
Senkyu's matcha cappuccino is carefully packaged one by one.
Light shielding is used to protect the matcha, which is prone to changing color and aroma. Because of its simplicity, it is reputed to be comfortable to keep in your bag or port.
Enjoy Senkyu's Matcha Cappuccino whenever and wherever you want to drink it.
Matcha is the main ingredient in our sweets. Matcha specialty brand "Senkyu
Senkyu is a combination of Sen no Rikyu, who spread the tea ceremony, and "Senkyu" which means "thank you.
By offering products made with high-grade matcha from Uji, Kyoto, we have created a new way to say "thank you" to others, which is often forgotten.
Through matcha, we create the feeling that you get the moment you pick up the product or put it in your mouth.
A cup of sunshine in your heart.
The concept of Senkyu is "a sunny pause in your heart.
"Why can't I do this?
"Why can't I do this?" "I wish I could do more.
"Why can't I do this?
At such times, a cup of matcha tea and a deep breath is all you need.
A cup of matcha and a deep breath will make this pukku your own personal time.
Please bring a little peace to those around you.


Sugar, lactose, whole milk powder, vegetable fat, corn syrup, matcha (domestic), skimmed milk powder, dextrin, sweetened skimmed condensed milk, salt, emulsifier (derived from soybeans), sodium caseinate, pH adjuster, seasoning (nucleic acids, etc.)